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A wide range of surgeries to address the unique facial & body needs of each patient.


Blending patient's wishes with doctor's recommendations

At the Facial Feminization Center, Dr. Torres first carefully evaluates the facial features of his patients and then selects from the range of surgeries, which are the most suitable for each patient.


When deciding on the procedures, his integrity and sincerity comes first. Dr. Torres will always listen to the patients' requests, but will also recommend those surgeries that he believes are appropriate.


To obtain more information about each of these procedures, contact us or send us an inbox via Facebook or Instagram.


Ashley - USA


Harmonizing facial beauty with a stylized body.

Dr. Torres always advises to combine facial feminization with body surgical treatments. Body feminization is as important as facial feminization and includes a wide spectrum of procedures to harmonize with facial beauty.


Dr. Torres performs facial and body surgeries in the same surgical intervention, leveraging on a single hospitalization of the patient, which reduces costs and recovery time.

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