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Let yourself be convinced by the women who have already experienced this change.

Testimonial from ​Valeria

Along with 3 other friends, we decided to fly from Miami to have surgery with the super-expert Dr. Torres. It was the best decision we could have made, and we were also fortunate to be together and support each other during our stay in Córdoba.

Testimonial from ​Alice

In life, everything happens because a reason. I’m so thrilled and happy that the path for my life went in the direction to be here in Córdoba, and meet Dr. Torres and his team and perform the surgery of my life.

Testimonial from Fabiola

"Dr. Emiliano is very human and really devoted. In the surgery industry, there are many surgeons who are interested only in money, and if you ask for any surgery, they will offer it no matter what. Whereas Dr. Emiliano is a professional, and as a professional he will always be honest and tell you what you can do and what you can't do. He's always going to put his professional criteria above economic benefits."

Testimonial from Ashley

The reason why I performed my surgery is because I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and see who I knew I was. Now everything is together.  Everything is very feminine, and I feel very confident about my look.

Now the woman that I am in the inside matches the woman from the outside, exactly the way I dreamed of.

Testimonial from Sabrina

Soy de Córdoba, y tener la posibilidad de operarme con el Dr. Torres fue una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado en mi vida. Prometió que no cambiaría mi rostro por completo sino que sería respetuoso con mis rasgos y así lo hizo. 
Hoy me miro al espejo y me reconozco como la mujer que siempre fui. 

Testimonial from Cynthia

I have long awaited this life-transforming surgery, and thanks to Dr. Torres and his amazing team, I was able to undergo a series of procedures that beautified and feminized my face so harmoniously.

Testimonial from  Rosie

Dr Torres and his team did an amazing job imho, and the aftercare and support was also first class. Although my surgery outcome is more than I could have hoped for, what was also extremely important to me was the whole experience. The care and respect with which I was treated by the clinic was of the highest standard.

Testimonial from  Diana

I am extremely happy with the results and the experience I was privileged to have while in Córdoba, Argentina. Wonderful doctor, amazing team, and beautiful country

Testimonial from 

He is very honest and very empathic. He is always very motivated to do his best work for every patient. The whole team has been great, specially the patient and travel coordinator.

Testimonial from Diara

The first day of my surgery, even with the bandages and the tubes and the swelling, I've totally felt like a new person.

And everyday afterwards I rushed to the mirror in the morning and see new features. I was ready to stop right there but it's just gotten better and better  everyday.

What dr. Torres is done for me is priceless.

I'm so happy with my results.  I look more etnic. He bright up my features like he told me.

Testimonial from Isabella Pezoa

I decided to get FFS with Dr. Torres for the assurance and confidence he instilled in me. Feeling comfortable with my surgeon was the most important factor in decision making. Both he and his team were always super-close in care, and super-professionals throughout the process.

Testimonial from Fabi Tobar

The experience of coming to Córdoba for performing FFS has been flawless. From the care and attention of the team to the warmth and clarity of Dr. Torres in explaining each step, gave me the peace of mind necessary to face this challenge smoothly. The results speak for themselves; I am really amazed with my new look after the surgery at the Facial Feminization Center.

Testimonial from Leah

I have no words to describe the happiness that comes with feeling finally complete. This surgery helps to grow confidence in oneself, without fear of prejudice, something very common in the Latin American context. After 3 months of surgery, the scars are gone and the feminine features with which I always dreamed begin to bloom. I'll always be thankful for the professionalism of Dr. Torres and his team.

Testimonial from Zoe

"Looking at myself in the mirror is a unique experience. For most people it is so everyday, so anodyne, unimportant ... but for me, receiving an image that I like so much, which I felt identified with, is a unique experience. Finally, being able to see myself every day and instead of mirroring an uncomfortable feeling, it is simply being able to see myself, recognize myself and accept myself as I am”.


Testimonial form Maryam

“Changing the attitude brings you peace of mind. But feminizing your facial features brings you joy and pride. Dr. Emiliano has contributed to both.”


Here we let the images speak for themselves. These are patients who felt proud and joyful to show their transition, as well as testimonies of women whose lives changed after performing Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr. Emiliano Torres.

Aubrey Pre op Experience

Aubrey Pre op Experience