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Every face tells a story.

We want to help you share yours.

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There is nothing more gratifying in plastic and reconstructive surgery than to recognize the impact that my hands can have on improving lives. For me, facial feminization is the art of aligning the body with the mind.


When a member of the transgender community places their trust in me to help them achieve the life they have dreamed about, I carry that trust with the care it deserves.

Dr. Emiliano Torres

Plastic Surgeon specialized in FFS.

Pillars of my practice.

Values of my life.


Dr. Torres is a prodigious talent in the field of facial feminization, with body of exceedingly satisfied patients hailing from all around the world.


Facial Feminization Surgery is not a one-size-fits-all type of procedure. Nothing is more important to Dr. Torres than his patients’ satisfaction, which is why he listens carefully to each of his patients in order to understand exactly what they are trying to achieve.


Dr. Torres doesn‘t believe in promising more than he can deliver, or fostering unrealistic expectations. While his techniques are cutting edge, there are still limits to what can be achieved under safe conditions, and his patients’ health will always be his foremost concern.

Facial feminization

is art-surgery.

While it is a relatively young surgical field, my medical expertise lies in knowing how to apply the right combination of bone reduction and augmentation techniques, plastic implants, and cosmetic surgery procedures in order to achieve a desired outcome. We are constantly pioneering new techniques to better serve our patients and drive the industry forward.

Honored and inspired by brave women.

The passion and courage of transgender people has always inspired me, and informs the commitment I bring to my work. It is an incredible privilege to work with women who have had to break through barriers to be recognized for who they are. Ultimately, their recognition fuels my passion.

Patient-centered care team.

Facial Feminization Center includes a team of devoted professionals who will always be at the service of the patient, both from a medical standpoint as well as with regard to the surgery logistics.

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