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Let your face tell your story.

At the Facial Feminization Center, we believe every person should be able to live as themselves, regardless of the gender, race, or income level they were assigned at birth. Our practice serves to bring our patients’ physical characteristics into harmony with the gender they relate closest to.


Led by world-class surgeon Dr. Emiliano Torres, our surgical team works closely with our patients to better understand their vision and prepare a personalized surgical strategy to help them realize it at an affordable cost.


We warmly welcome you our new website and invite you to envision the life waiting ahead of you. Welcome to the Facial Feminization Center!


Argentina, the Mecca of surgical tourism.

Argentina combines highly qualified specialists, affordable prices, and cutting-edge medical facilities. At the heart of Argentina, Córdoba is a cosmopolitan city recognized as the burgeoning hub for complex plastic surgery in Latin America. It meets the highest requirements for patients seeking modern surgical facilities where patients can recover peacefully, quietly and staffed with the highest quality of care and hospitality.

State-of-the-art surgery facilities.

Our medical facilities are located in the city of Córdoba, the second largest city in Argentina with many direct international flights. Córdoba has long been known for their advanced health care system and world-class doctors. Our partner clinics are among the top medical clinics in the country, and are known for their professional staff, first-class equipped infrastructure, post-operative care, and comfortable recovery units and private patient rooms.

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